Primary Care Premises Forum

We are proud to be members of the Primary Care Premises Forum, an association of organisations and individuals from the private sector with extensive knowledge of the provision of primary care premises throughout the UK.  Its members include investors, developers, bankers, surveyors, lawyers and other professionals with a range of public sector guest members.  It has been established to promote best practice within its area of expertise.

The committee is in regular liaison with the Department of Health and attends meetings at the District Valuers Office, where they were recently able to discuss issues including initial rents, subsidised rents and current market rents; the effect of the investment market on static or falling rents; the importance of covenant strength and funding difficulties; and the new Directions and exclusion of existing use value, rent reviews, and redevelopment.

In addition, the Forum responded promptly to the Department of Health over the new Premises Costs Directions where fundamental changes had been made. Discussions will continue on the Directions and further meetings with member organisations will take place.

Further information on the Forum and how to join can be found on their website,