Maximising the potential from your entertainment holdings

However far along with your lease you are, our experts can provide trusted and accurate lease advisory services within the leisure sector. Our team has helped a large number of landlords and tenants with their rent reviews and property valuations.


Your leisure property lease

Staying on top of the numbers to reflect a true valuation and assessment doesn’t need to be a challenge when working with us. We simplify the situation and work off facts to establish the leisure property’s true valuation.

We understand how to best utilise your space even if it requires a change of services following latest trends. If a change in service is required, we can reflect this in the lease agreement making the situation work for your organisation’s needs.

With over 20+ years of experience providing lease advisory services for the leisure sector, our knowledge of the industry means we can help ensure lease valuations are correct and accurate. We understand that valuations of assets can fluctuate, and profit and expenses can change from one month to the next, but we ensure the assessments are correct to mitigate your liability.



  • “We contacted Aitchison Raffety to assist with negotiating the rent review after we were unable to agree terms with our landlord. Their knowledge of trends surrounding rental values were invaluable in securing not only a zero increase in rent but a significant reduction as per the terms of the lease.”


Optimising your lease potential

Working with you and your team, our lease advisors will ensure your property lease is fully optimised for your best interest. Our team specialise in hotels, public houses and restaurants, however, have extensive experience in many other leisure sectors such as bowling alleys and eateries.

Performing in-depth analysis of your lease whatever size

We have over 20 years of experience performing successful valuation and assessments for assets and estates within the leisure sector. Our clients range from large hotel chains, to smallholdings or single-location businesses.

  • Professional reputation for both tenants and landlords.
  • Knowledge of flexible and dynamic business practices.
  • Maximise the return of investment for landlords.
  • Minimise overhead for tenants.
  • Minimise any unnecessary property costs and billing errors.
  • Helping you budget your property for the long term.
  • Leisure industry-specific knowledge of leasehold properties.

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