Valuations for residential property 

The value of residential property shifts quickly in response to changing consumer demand, new or temporary government schemes, and fluctuating interest rates. That’s why it’s key to understand not simply the value of a residential property or portfolio today, but how it may vary across months and years.

As a trusted partner we help you evaluate risks and opportunities as you invest in, develop or dispose of residential property.

Why choose us? 

Residential property expertise 

Our depth of experience makes us the perfect choice for complex valuations, such as probate applications for high value properties, or accurate reports for creating or dissolving partnerships. We support commercial lenders and developers with detailed investment information and negotiate a fair tax valuation for international buyers. We serve as expert witnesses for divorce settlements where property is not immediately liquidated.

Our residential property consultants are specialised by location, so you can be confident they understand local markets.

We also undertake monitoring surveys to help self-builders access funds from their lender.

Attention to detail 

High-quality specialised residential property valuations  

When dealing with high market value properties or complex developments, many valuers simply do not offer the depth of analysis to correctly gauge the property’s value. Our structured reports deliver an exceptional level of detail and insight to inform strategic investment decisions.

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Whatever residential property challenges you face, we are here to support you. It starts with a conversation. Request a call back here, and our team will be glad to assist you! 

  • Valuation - We tell you what a property is worth and why, to inform your decision-making or as evidence.
  • Building Surveying - We assess the condition of your property, so you can plan improvements or repairs.
  • Development - We help you make improvements to your property cost-effectively and with minimal hassle.
  • Planning - We help you create a strategy and get planning permission.

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