CMR (Notional Rent) Appeals


The Notional Rent reimbursement (CMR) of your Practice is based on Market Rental levels.  It is essential that the Practice seeks professional advice prior to agreeing to any proposed level of reimbursement from NHS England or the Health Board.  On this basis our team is able to ensure that the Practice will maximise its income and entitlement.

Our team of healthcare experts provides specialist and detailed advice on Notional Rent levels and reviews.  We have a long and successful history in liaising and negotiating with District Valuers, Local Health Boards and NHSE England. We have established relationships with the relevant local teams, strengthened by our reputation, knowledge and skill, and this has produced many successful appeals with increases in rent reimbursement.

Our considerable knowledge of rental levels is supported by a large database of comparable transactions based on our previous successes.