8/1/21 – Resolving Rent Review Disputes

One consequence of living in a society is that disputes will arise, whether it be from a local event to multi-million-pound contract disputes.  The process of resolving these disputes can range from simple discussions or negotiations, to expensive protracted litigation.  There are a number of methods between these extremes such as mediation and adjudication.  For rent reviews, we typically use either Independent Expert Determination or Arbitration.

Which method is used will often be set out in the rent review clause of the lease, although some leases will allow for one or both of the parties to decide.  There are subtle but significant differences between an Independent Expert and an Arbitrator, and which is preferable will often vary between the nature of the dispute, the type of property and the evidence available.

At Aitchison Raffety not only are we vastly experienced in representing clients at third party referrals, but three of our colleagues are themselves on the President of the RICS’s Independent Expert panel (Francis Tomlinson, Robert Clifford and Paula Mace).  Furthermore, Francis and Robert are both qualified Arbitrators, also on the RICS President’s panel.  This provides our clients not only with valuable experience and knowledge but also exceptional insight on all sides of  rent review disputes.

For further advice please contact francis.tomlinson@argroup.co.uk, robert.clifford@argroup.co.uk or paula.mace@argroup.co.uk.