But this time we aren’t talking about Properties, we want to help you move…yourself!

As the start of the New Year is upon us, we thought what better time to do something positive and help our clients, colleagues and friends, get fit and active? If you’d like to embark on a fitness journey with us in 2024, why not join our Strava Club and participate in our regular challenges?

It’s a group of friendly, like-minded people who are all on their own fitness journey, whether that be getting your steps in for the day or training for a charity or sporting event, whilst trying to squeeze it around a busy life and work schedule. We want to create a supportive, sporting community where we can all share our fitness exploits and support and encourage each other in the daily grind!

Our Strava club aims to give you all of this and more. Throughout the year we will set challenges (suitable for all levels), and we would like to bring athletes together to talk about inspiring life and charity stories, and we hope to hold a few events.

This group is being led by our very own fitness fanatics Lottie (Financial Director) and Ian (Head of Valuation)

Lottie Bonney

Lottie Bonney – Queen of Home Workouts and Self-Motivation

Before 2021, my life was full of unhealthy habits, I was always in pain and I suffered from both anxiety and depression. I always made attempts to be healthier, but lack of motivation and support made it a failure every time.

Then COVID happened, I bought a spin bike from a well-known exercise brand, and I was hooked. I took the time to learn about food and nutrition, and I started to feel more confident. As time went on, I got healthier and stronger, last year I ran 2 Half Marathons, and I already have 2 Half Marathons and a triathlon booked for this year!

I love nothing more than being a cheerleader to those who want to achieve their goals!


Ian WimpennyIan Wimpenny – King of being a relentless exercise enthusiast!

From a competitive swimming background, sport has always been a huge part of my life. In 2007, I decided to get into triathlon and have never looked back, doing everything from a sprint triathlon right up to Ironman distance (and everything in between!). It’s something I owe a lot to, whether that be the lessons I have learned or the friends I have made along the way. I also put a lot of my success in my career down to the work ethic and resilience sport has given me.

Sport can be a such powerful force not only for good but for bringing people together in a positive way, which is why I thought this group would be a good idea. Let’s not forget that it’s also the best medicine for stress, which we all deal with from time to time, so come and join us! 😉

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