24/2/21 – Property and Asset Management during a pandemic

The need to look after our mental health during the Coronavirus outbreak is becoming increasingly evident.

As Asset and Property Managers you might expect our primary responsibility is to look after buildings. During the pandemic, it is in fact the businesses or residents who occupy them which has consumed the majority of our team resource.

Initially we were fully engaged in attending to tenant hardship as the crisis took hold. With little reprieve in the challenges faced by occupiers, we have continued to dedicate more time than usual communicating with businesses and residents, supporting individual problems attributable to the outbreak. One concerning aspect is the noticeable fragility of some of our clients’ valued tenants. This can be evident in many ways, not least in the general tone of communication which is reflective of the pressure businesses and individuals are encountering.

Stress levels are high for some organisations and their employees, and the impact on mental health and wellbeing is easily overlooked. Matters outside of an employer’s control, such as individual loneliness and Isolation, and facing a drab winter, take its toll. Employers may be able to support with regular catch-ups and supporting balancing work with home schooling, however, undertones of job security and general finance currently bear heavy on so many people. Some businesses fighting for survival will inevitably struggle and be challenged to get a balance between maintaining revenue and taking steps to address the wellbeing of the staff who are the lifeblood of any organisation.

Property Managers are sympathetic to the challenges faced by tenant occupiers at this time. With landlords being in the same position as everyone else, running a business of letting property, it is not always possible for tenants to receive the financial lifeline they need. But in all circumstances, understanding and empathy costs nothing but is worth a great deal.

Whether you are a Landlord, Tenant, or Property Manager, we should be mindful that everyone is experiencing hardship, remaining civil, courteous, professional and understanding will go a long way as we all continue our journey to a new normality.

Article written by Carl Grint, Director & Head of Portfolio Management.
carl.grint@argroup.co.uk, 01494 480832