10/11/17 – AR helps skip hire company to stop wasting money

Acting on behalf of the tenant, Hurley Skip Hire, Ian Archer, Director at Aitchison Raffety (Hertfordshire Office) has helped them to secure a large saving on a recent rent review.

Hurley Skip Hire received notice from their landlord, Hertsmere Borough Council, in October 2016 that they proposed to increase the rent for their rent review.  However the rent review was actually dated back to November 2012!  Unfortunately, time was not of the essence and therefore the landlord was within their rights to serve a notice four years after the rent review date.

Aitchison Raffety was able to save the company £67,000 in rent over the five year period. However, in addition, Aitchison Raffety was also able to agree staged payments for the back-rent to minimise the impact in their cash flow due to the Council serving notice so late.

In addition, Aitchison Raffety has now agreed the November 2017 rent review early, in order to ensure that the tenant was able to budget for the future rent.

If you have recently received a notice from a landlord proposing a rent review, then contact Aitchison Raffety to ensure that you take action as soon as possible, as leaving it can result in massive back dated rental payments once you agree the review, which can impact severely on a business’s budget.  It often pays to make sure you get your own advice before the date of the review, even if the Landlord has not served a rent review notice, to ensure that you can budget for the potential increased rent before it happens.

For further assistance or advice please do not hesitate to contact our Landlord & Tenant Team on 01727 843232 or email ian.archer@argroup.co.uk