Commercial building surveys to help you make an informed decision

You’ll be in safe hands with our qualified team of commercial building surveyors.

If you need advice on potential development; acquisition, whether that is free or leasehold; dilapidations end of lease advice; maintenance planning; reinstatement cost assessment, then we can assist.


Commercial building analysis

When you need advice at any point of the property’s lifecycle we can assist.

At development stage, we provide monitoring or management advice to ensure that the scheme runs smoothly.

At acquisition stage, we provide tailored reports to ensure that you can make an informed decision about leasing or purchasing.

Once you own or occupy your building, we assist with your maintenance planning, reinstatement cost assessments / building insurance valuations and provide advice around dilapidations and lease end costs.

At the end of your lease term, we assist with dilapidations matters and negotiate on your behalf with the other party and agree a settlement.

Our commercial building surveyors carry out reviews on offices, industrial units, factories, warehouses, educational and healthcare establishments, leisure facilities and retail units.


  • “Aitchison Raffety was outstanding to work with. They are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and organised. Their team kept the entire project on track and worked diligently to get the best results possible.”


Experienced chartered commercial building surveyors

Our team is fully trusted to complete any building surveys and hold a wealth of knowledge and experience. With a single visit, they can easily spot any potential pitfalls and concerns our clients may have about their building before it’s even been spoken about.

Overseeing your commercial building survey

Commercial building surveying advice whether you wish to establish the property condition for day-to-day use, view it as a potential investment or require advice to establish the potential expansion opportunities, on-going use or disposal.

  • Allowing you to make an informed decision on your property.
  • Understanding the condition, potential risks and pitfalls in the property.
  • Advice provided in a commercial context tailored to your objectives.

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