Office premises, Kingston Upon Thames

Where clients have faced a significant empty rate liability our Business Rates advice has led to significant savings, including nil rates liability throughout a redevelopment programme.

In 2019, our client purchased an office block for major refurbishment. Refurbishment of the six storey office building in Kingston Upon Thames, was staged over a number of years as and when floors became vacant.

Following the commencement of the works, we submitted ‘Checks’ to the Valuations Office Agency (VOA) and were successful in negotiating the deletion of each floor from the rating list. The most recent Checks resulted in the final three floors being deleted within three weeks of the Checks being submitted. This quick turnaround contributed to savings of £350,000 for the client, alleviating any cash flow concerns and ensuring there is no rates liability and the building is occupied again.

By relying on our Business Rates expertise, our clients are able to focus on their projects in the knowledge that their business rates liability was in capable hands.


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