Our Portfolio Management team was appointed to provide property management services and asset advice in respect of their property portfolio in St Albans, Hertfordshire. The team’s goal was to provide a more pro-active management approach and to maximise the potential of each of the client’s pension fund assets.

We considered not only the building maintenance but also analysed a large amount of accounts data and historic activity, in order to provide the client with initial guidance. Our client was aware that one particular mixed use multi-let development now required some substantial external maintenance, and expressed their concern about the considerable expense of the works.

We undertook inspections of the property in order to produce a thorough condition report and put in place a five year programme of works. Each tenant’s demise was inspected internally in order to identify any tenant breaches and measurements were taken to establish a fair service charge apportionment. Rent recovery was established with our accounts team to ensure prompt settlement of rent demands utilising the efficiencies of our advanced property management software.

The client received a monthly statement of their account and regular visits were made to the property during the handover to ensure that we were able to provide comprehensive advice on maintenance and building compliance.

Our pro-active management approach ensured that outstanding issues would be addressed over the coming months and years to prevent the property from falling into disrepair. The client benefited from the teams’ extensive knowledge of service charges which resulted in them being able to recover a considerable sum from the tenants for past maintenance on the property. In addition, by implementing the new service charge structure, we were also able to build confidence with the tenants that the property environment from which they rely to deliver their services, was properly looked after in a fair, balanced, cost effective and equitable manner.

The team continues to ensure statutory and legislative compliance for the building and offers peace of mind for the client and tenant with regards to servicing and property performance.

The equitable treatment for both landlord and tenant positions further helps reinforce tenant satisfaction through better experiences. Tenants’ contentment with their built environment will contribute to improved recruitment, lease renewal and ultimately the value of the property.


For further information to discuss the management of your property or portfolio, contact:

Carl Grint, Director & Head of Portfolio Management, on 01494 480820 or via email to carl.grint@argroup.co.uk.