Last week, the proposed amendments to the ‘Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill‘ that would scrap nutrient neutrality rules was voted down (rejected) in the House of Lords.

The government estimates that up to 100,000 additional homes could be delivered through 2030 if nutrient neutrality rules were no longer required for planning decisions.

In voting against these amendments, members of the Lords expressed concerns that the changes would allow the government to revoke or amend existing laws that ensure ‘nutrient neutrality’ in water waste from building developments.

What is Nutrient Neutrality?

Nutrient neutrality is a concept that aims to prevent land use or development from increasing the levels of harmful nutrients, such as phosphates and nitrates in vulnerable watercourses and catchments.

So what does this now mean for new housing?
Nevertheless, opportunities to deliver required housing still exist where mitigation can be delivered on land outside nutrient neutrality catchment areas (NNCA). Whilst is clearly a blow to anyone with an option within the NNCAs, it means that the steer towards other land within these areas can be undertaken, particularly in terms of promoting sites through emerging Local Plans and potentially addressing a lack of five year housing land supplies due to sites being locked up within the NNCA issue.

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