Best results on commercial rent reviews and lease renewals

Whatever stage you are in your rent review or lease renewal, we can provide expert advice on both a legal and market background. Our experienced commercial lease advisory team will ensure that you obtain the best results.


Your property commercial lease

Our lease advisory team will provide expert advice, built up over many years’ experience on both your current position, the legal framework and background which needs to be considered, and what needs to be done when. They will also advise on market values, procedures and tactics in order to ensure that the best results are achieved.

Within our team we have surveyors who are on the RICS Experts/Arbitrators Panel, with many years’ experience in this field including appearance in Court.


  • “We appointed Aitchison Raffety to negotiate on our office rent review and were more than happy with how the negotiations were concluded and the end result. We would not hesitate to use them again.”


Maximising your lease position as a landlord or tenant

We have in-depth knowledge of rent reviews and lease renewals built up over many years which enables us to maximise your position and result, whether landlord or tenant.

Performing in-depth analysis into your lease

We work from many years’ experience and working closely with solicitors we will be able to provide you with best advice in respect of your commercial lease terms.

  • Professional representation for both landlords and tenants.
  • Maximise the return on investment if landlords or minimise your overheads if tenants.
  • Up to date knowledge on leasehold best practice and current law.
  • In-depth knowledge of market values.
  • Skilled at preparing and submitting third party representations and presenting evidence at court.
  • Access to whole Aitchison Raffety Group resources.

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