With Covid disappearing from the front pages of newspapers, other issues have become our main focus and combined with the ending of restrictions, there has been a growing shift of office workers coming back into buildings.

It would appear in London, Tuesday to Thursday is seemingly back to normal. Other areas such as Reading and Cambridgeshire are also busier, however, Hertfordshire is still waiting for the momentum to shift in terms of deals.

There are more positive signs with the sub 1,000 sq ft office enquiries picking up and some very decent sized requirements starting to appear.  Matt Bowen, Director & Head of Commercial Agency, commented “In our experience, the change tends to commence in London and then filters out to wider regions. We would expect, as we go through Spring and Summer, commercial agents, landlords and tenants become more optimistic.”

“Once we start to see some movement in the market, there will be a lot of pent up desire from companies to relocate into offices which suit their size. There are many companies uncertain as to the size of premises required, however, in the next few months, we will see this change as more and more employees return to the office.”

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