Aitchison Raffety have offered Kernow LMC a series of webinars to offer help and support to Doctors & Practice Managers with their surgeries. These 3 webinars will take place this month (March 2023) and will include the following topic areas:


A Guide to Notional Rent and maximising the value of your surgery
(Wednesday 15th March, 13.00 – 14.00) – Presented by Nathan Young, Graduate Surveyor at Aitchison Raffety

Understanding the process of a notional rent assessment, CMR1 forms and how to add capital value.

Did you know that a Notional Rent review is crucial in determining the fair market value of your surgery? This can be especially important in ensuring that the notional rent paid for a surgery is fair and reasonable. A notional rent review also provides a benchmark for future rent reviews and helps avoid disputes. It is crucial to keep your Notional Rent Reviews up to date & get them checked by a Primary Health Care Surveyor.


Sale & Leaseback – Agreeing lease terms and NHS approvals
(Thursday 23rd March, 13.00 – 14.00) – Presented by Dom Rosenbaum, Associate Director – Healthcare at Aitchison Raffety

A practical understanding of how the sale and leaseback process works, releasing equity in your premises and maximising value on marketability.

Sale & leaseback may or may not be right for you at the current time but should be considered as part of the long-term strategy for a practice. This involves selling your property to a 3rd party & then leasing it back. We will talk about the process & what has to be done to prepare for selling the surgery.


GP Premises – Best practices to keep your surgery on track
(Thursday 30th March 13.00 – 14.00) – Presented by Paula Mace, Director – Head of Healthcare at Aitchison Raffety

Exploring various property related aspects of running a surgery premises, including freehold and leasehold interests, NHS support in line with NHS Premises Cost Directors, when might you need assistance from a specialist primary care surveyor and more.

This webinar is a general overview why & when you should get help from a Primary Care Surveyor regarding the surgery. Surgery ownership can be complex & being a tenant is not always straight forward, NHS involvement can complicate matters further. Seeking advice from a Primary Care Specialist can save time & money for the surgery in the long run.

Each of these sessions will be open to questions from attendees.

Our specialist healthcare team can offer advice and guidance to support practice managers with all aspects of their property. Contact them today for a free, no obligation chat via / 01727 844 555


*The above webinars are only available to Healthcare professionals in the Cornwall area