9/2/21 – Improving your Surgery Premises for COVID and beyond

COVID-19 has affected the whole country in both its day to day working practices and private lives, including the Primary Care industry, which has been under significant pressure to undertake a substantial vaccination programme alongside managing the ongoing COVID struggles as well as the usual workload.

Whilst doing all they can to protect the general public, it has become apparent that many surgeries are struggling with their facilities and the additional requirements placed upon them as a result of the virus.

Aitchison Raffety has been involved in notional rent (CMR), lease rent reviews, valuations, extensions and redevelopments for many years on a significant number of surgery premises across the country.  An increasing number of these premises no longer meet the latest NHS infection control standards and are therefore finding it difficult to protect the general public.

NHS infection control standards have many requirements, some of which include the requirement for the treatment and consulting rooms to be located in the same vicinity, vinyl flooring with coved edges, infection control sinks and accessibility for disabled patients.  In order to manage COVID-19, a one way system and the ability to provide COVID hot zones has also become important, which some surgeries are simply unable to accommodate.

If your surgery premises need upgrading in terms of either improvements or refurbishment in order to be able to manage these requirements or you believe there is potential to extend, Aitchison Raffety can assist.  We have a specialist team of chartered surveyors who are able to cover both the valuation and rental element and undertake discussions with NHS England on your behalf and ensure that your rent reimbursement properly reflects any proposed works.

We also have building and monitoring surveyors who can provide advice on any improvements or extension works, to see exactly what is required to meet infection control standards and how much this will cost.

Alternatively if you are a Tenant within a surgery premises, we can discuss improvement works with the Landlord and establish if these can be undertaken at the Landlord’s cost, in return for perhaps a longer lease or increased rental level and ensure that this is supported by NHS England.  This can potentially be attractive to both parties and allow the Practice to benefit from a more flexible working environment.

If you would like further information contact Georgina Silk via email to georgina.silk@argroup.co.uk or call 01727 844 555.