West Northamptonshire Council have launched two public consultations in respect of their Part 2 Local Plans for Northampton and South Northamptonshire.

The Northampton Local Plan Part 2 is currently being examined by Government appointed inspectors who have stated that, subject to certain main modifications to the Plan being made, they would be able to find the Plan sound. As such the Council is now seeking comments on their proposed modifications. Consultation on these proposed changes runs until 18 August 2022.

Further details are available on the Council’s website.

In respect of South Northamptonshire Part 2 Local Plan, the Council is seeking views on a new draft Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) for employment land allocations. This would sit alongside the South Northamptonshire Part 2 Local Plan 2011-2029.

The draft SPD for land allocations aims to provide greater detail and certainty to the public and developers. By setting out overarching design principles for the future development of the employment sites identified in the Local Plan, including guidance relating to size, scale and density of buildings.

The draft SPD for employment site allocations provides an analysis of the existing planning policy and socio-economic context against which the employment allocations should be considered before providing an assessment of the following allocated sites and the wider area in which they are located. This consultation also runs until 18 August 2022, the related documents are available for viewing on the Council’s website.