17/11/20 – The importance of up to date asset value for independent schools

Is the value of your property assets up to date?

There are several reasons why a school business, registered charity or otherwise, may require an up to date Property Asset Valuation:

  • A strong balance sheet could support increased borrowing for upgrading works and/or capital projects.
  • Well-informed parents may look at the balance sheet as an indicator of a school’s financial position, where a position of strength could influence decisions on the viability of a school.
  • Schools are often asset rich and an appraisal may identify opportunities of realising equity without materially impacting on the school’s operation.

The School should seek advice from their accountants to determine when the last asset valuation was undertaken and if an updated assessment would be beneficial.

For further advice on property asset valuations of independent schools, please contact David Mathieson, Director – Education, on 07772 054563 or via email to david.mathieson@argroup.co.uk.