Occupier Management


We recognise the importance of making your own business space work for you and the people that make up your company. After salaries and associated labour costs, most companies find business premises in second place as their highest overhead. Sometimes it takes a pandemic such as we have witnessed in 2020 to realise how costly and inflexible a liability this can be, and how essential it is to have the ability to adapt, reconfigure, plan and control your occupational costs at short notice.

Flexibility is key, not just in the physical/architectural sense, but in terms of tenure and contractual commitment . Premises, whether an office, warehouse or retail/showroom , can be as much of a mill stone as an asset. Short leases are much favoured by tenants to enable expansion and adaptation to ever changing commercial markets, but they can lead to as much disruption as to opportunity. Equally, longer term leases offer stability which enables a business to gain recognition, grow and function competitively. Market conditions may dictate the options available, but well informed market knowledge will bring you closer to making the right decision which allows your business to grow and operate to its optimum potential.

At Aitchison Raffety, our professional staff have the market knowledge and expertise to address these issues at any particular point in time within the life of your company, working alongside you with informal, formal and strategic property advice. As your corporate property adviser we can offer:

  • A space audit which explores the costs and liabilities of your current space.
  • A cost benefit analysis of alternatives available on the open market.
  • Property Acquisition, sale and letting services nationwide.
  • Proactive management of repair costs and preventative maintenance.
  • Guidance and assistance on day to day Landlord and tenant issues.