Asset Management


Investors today face many challenges to ensure the success of their property assets.  While tenants pursue even greater quality of building services, other parties draw their attention to environmental sustainability.   With an increasing number of regulations and demand for greater transparency, risk management and compliance, managing your own property assets can be a major challenge.

Our experienced and regionally located Asset Management team focuses on balancing a portfolio and maximising rental income, and ultimately, asset value.  This is achieved through regular reviews of market changes and conditions, efficient interpretation of new legislation and compliance requirements, and diligent cost control.

The team is supported by a wealth of resources within the wider Aitchison Raffety Group and its blend of specialist skills to ensure that we improve the performance of our client’s property assets.

For those investors who are accustomed to making value adding decisions, we can offer an integrated approach to sit alongside your own team to support, complement and assist with a Director lead co-ordinated backup of a multi-disciplined surveying team to deliver results on those decisions.