Brixworth, Northamptonshire – 150 dwelling extension


Aitchison Raffety were approached by Brixworth Parish Council and a Local Residents Group to submit objections to a proposal for 150 dwellings on the edge of Brixworth. The planning application also incorporated supporting highways, drainage areas, allotments and associated landscaping.

Aitchison Raffety’s objections focused around:

  • The impact of the proposal on the setting of the village and the implications this had upon the Special Landscape Area designation;
  • Landscaping; and
  • Highways.

A second site was also being promoted at the same time. Objections were also submitted by Aitchison Raffety on behalf of Brixworth Parish Council and a Local Residents Group for this second application.

Discussions were held with the Council on the two proposals and also with local Councillors and interested parties. The second proposal was the preferred option under consideration by the Parish Council and as such, matters relating to sustainability in relation to education, health and transport were undertaken to highlight the relative preferential location of the second application, and underline the overstretched service situation within the village.

Both planning applications were refused by Daventry District Council, with Aitchison Raffety appointed to represent Brixworth Parish Council at the appeal Inquiry before it was subsequently withdrawn.