Roade, Northamptonshire



The complexity of preparing and adopting a Local Plan means that this process takes many years. Due to the need to identify a rolling five year housing land supply in order to comply with the National Planning Policy Framework and reduce the potential for unplanned expansion to towns and villages, many Council have sought to identify land for residential and employment uses in advance of the adoption of the Local Plan through Masterplans. South Northamptonshire Council is one such authority, seeking sufficient land to meet rural housing needs in line with the residential requirement set out in the Regional Strategy.

Aitchison Raffety has acted on behalf of a landowner who has considerable land holdings around Roade. A number of representations were made at each stage of the consultations on the Masterplan. This led to the adoption of the Masterplan in 2011 for Roade, which included land parcels owned by our client for residential development.

Following adoption of the Plan, an Environmental Assessment was undertaken which led to the submission of a planning application. Outline permission was granted for up to 292 dwellings.

Following progress of the Local Plan and supporting housing requirement evidence base, further consultations have been made as part of the Council’s Site Allocations DPD and Call for Sites which is seeking to include additional land for residential development in Roade. This process is on-going, with Aitchison Raffety undertaking meetings with South Northamptonshire Council to promote the additional land holdings, deal with Section 106 issues and highlight planning gain opportunities for the settlement.