Surgery Improvement & Development


Our specialist surgery premises team has recently come across a number of contentious situations that have developed through poor planning and a failure to formalise property issues at an early stage.  This has led to significant unnecessary costs for the respective parties, a certain degree of anguish and a period of abeyance until matters are resolved.

This can be avoided with forethought and an understanding of requirements at the outset.  Have you considered the implications and do you require professional advice?

If you are looking for advice on current market or rental value, on lease or heads of terms, our Healthcare team has the knowledge and experience to provide you with excellent results for your surgery premises requirements.  Our services cover:

  • Specialist advice on NHS Improvement Grant and Development Funding (including Transformation Funding)
  • Architectural and Planning advice
  • Search, negotiation and acquisition of suitable building or land for development
  • Full Viability Appraisals looking at end value vs costs
  • Specialist advice on the advantages and disadvantages of self development, specialist developer or investor route
  • Lease Terms and Full Heads of Terms prepared, negotiated and agreed
  • Full Monitoring and Tenants’ Project Manager roles undertaken