NHS Grant Funding


Improvement grants to GP owner/occupiers or GP Tenants are currently detailed in the NHS Premises Cost Directions 2013 and range between 33% and 67%.  When a grant is taken, the rent will be rebated by the specific formula set out in the Directions (for between 5 and 15 years) but which basically gives the Practice a percentage contribution (proportionate to the GPs input) of the improved rental level plus a factor of 10.  However, the 2013 Directions are being updated with the 2017 Directions promised by April.  It is known that the use of the funding by grants will be extended and also the amount increased up to 100%, but with this due diligence will be increased and agreements formalised.

In addition to the Improvement Grant Scheme, we currently have funding via the Estates and Technology Transformation Fund. Whilst initial applications have been considered and initial grants indicated, full procedures of the scheme are not yet available, and due diligence has not completed.

If you have not made an application for Transformation Funding or did not get any in the first round, do not despair. It is still worth putting schemes to your CCG on projects that will fall out of the current pipeline and additional monies will be available for projects due for completion in 2020.

NOTE – Information on the revised Directions and the Transformation Fund procedures are coming through on a weekly basis, so please phone one of our Healthcare Team for further details.