Surgery Investment, Sale & Leaseback


We provide a specialist service dedicated to surgery investment, sale and leaseback.  Our investment specialists have an in-depth knowledge of the market allowing them to advise on sectors in which to invest together with the sourcing, marketing, disposal and structuring Sale and Leaseback of healthcare investments.

Our Sale and Leaseback service provides owner occupiers with expert professional representation when considering realising the capital from healthcare premises, from conception to completion. Separating the property ownership from the operating practice enables the freehold or long leasehold interest with the benefit of a lease to be sold as an investment.  Balancing the obligations and responsibilities of both landlord and tenant to arrive at terms that are acceptable is required.  The respective lease terms that are finalised will impact on the value of the investment and consequently there is a need to give suitable consideration to the potential terms for a lease.

If you are looking to buy, sell or structure a Sale and Leaseback, good advice is essential.  Our specialists in this area will help you acquire or dispose of properties that match your requirements.