Business Rates Mitigation

MCC Appeals: Building Works & Major Infrastructure Schemes January 2020

A Material Change in Circumstances proposal (MCC) may be submitted when seeking to reduce business rates liability on just a short-term basis, for an issue other than size or valuation already perhaps submitted by an existing Check or Challenge. Formal action by MCC is often Submitted for issues relating to the following:

  • Refurbishment, maintenance or other disruptive works on or within your own property
  • Disturbance caused by works on adjacent or nearby properties
  • Negative impact caused by major infrastructure schemes

Too often occupiers fail to act promptly when experiencing nuisance and negative impact because of dust, noise, vibration, access, reduced foot-fall, privacy and view. These items are all crucial and significant to the peaceful enjoyment of your property. Any interruption on these grounds should be challenged at the earliest opportunity if a successful and worthwhile appeal outcome is to be achieved.

For all claims regarding a Material Change of Circumstances it is crucial that the severity and duration of all disruption is documented and the types of nuisance noted. Short term issues are seldom worth pursing, longer term projects in excess of six months are more likely to achieve worthwhile results.

Our Experience

We have an enviable rshutterstock_150099827ecord regarding business rates mitigation, in all MCC cases we always consider all implications and other options which may exist to enable the generation of longer duration business rates mitigation savings. Therefore, when an MCC issue may only exist for several months it is often worth pursuing the potential for other specialist mitigation angles.

Aitchison Raffety are expert in all aspects of business rate mitigation, having saved our clients considerably in excess of £100 million since the year 2000.

Where your property is impacted by building work, local infrastructure schemes or you have any other business rate concerns please contact Aitchison Raffety to arrange an informal meeting regarding your potential to benefit from business rates mitigation. For further information please call