Recycling Company, Dorset


We were instructed to advise in relation to the business rates at the company’s waste composting and reclamation site in Dorset.  The premises comprise extensive land with buildings for storage and processing waste, together with rateable plant and machinery.  The rateable value is calculated on a complex valuation basis which has regard to the replacement costs of the site improvements, buildings and rateable plant.

We undertook a survey of the land, buildings and plant and entered an appeal seeking a reduced valuation for rating purposes.

By looking in detail at all areas of the valuation and, in particular challenging the depreciation allowances made in respect of the buildings and engineering works we were able to secure a reduction from £195,000 to £163,000 rateable value.  In addition, we were able to challenge the figures used in the calculation of transitional relief and obtain a certificate from the Valuation Officer which resulted in improved transitional relief in the early years following the 2010 Revaluation.

As a result we were able to deliver savings of approximately £86,000.