Graduate Stories


Hugo Harding

I studied Real Estate at the University of Reading and graduated in 2019. I initially started at Aitchison Raffety for two weeks work experience in the Commercial Agency team in St Albans and was pleased to be offered a full time role on the graduate programme when my work experienced came to an end.

My day to day role includes commercial agency and lease advisory work, as well as valuations. I am frequently travelling out of the office and have the opportunity to meet many types of tenants and clients. I have dealt with a wide array of properties which means that every day is different.

The work environment is inspiring and motivates me to learn as much as possible about the local market. The support that I have been given by the team has only enhanced this drive. All these factors provide a great platform to work towards completing my APC to become a RICS accredited surveyor.

Having grown up in the St Albans area, Aitchison Raffety has provided me with a unique opportunity to help shape the city that I live and work in, and I am excited to see what there is in store for the future.






Emily Bentley

I graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 2013 with a RICS accredited degree in Building Surveying and entered the industry working as a Building Surveyor, but after 12 months decided to take a different career path. I was attracted to commercial surveying and accordingly joined a niche firm in Sheffield. Upon relocating to Hertfordshire, I joined NHS Property Services as a Property Manager. I am now pleased to have joined Aitchison Raffety as a Graduate Surveyor within the Healthcare Division.

My day to day work mainly consists of dealing with Landlord & Tenant matters and Valuations. I also assist in a number of other areas such as Development, Agency and Business Rates, providing me with the range of experience required for the APC.

The AR Graduate scheme provides a structured programme where graduates are given a variety of challenging work and a high level of responsibility, with plenty of support along the way. The strong team ethic makes you feel valued as a member as well as making it an enjoyable place to work. The number of specialist departments at the company makes it an ideal environment to progress through the APC with sufficient experience in each competency in my chosen pathway.



Nathan Young

I graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 2018 with a RICS accredited degree in Real Estate. I began my career as a Property Manager but quickly moved on to commercial surveying for a company specialising in healthcare. After some time, I decided to change paths and join Aitchison Raffety to continue my development as Graduate Surveyor in the Healthcare department.

My responsibilities mostly include carrying out rent reviews for Landlord & Tenant’s and valuations. However, as I am working towards my APC to become a Chartered Surveyor, I am involved in numerous other roles including development appraisals and lease advisory work. This gives me hands on experience that I can rely upon during my APC assessment, showing the APC assessors that I have organic experience in the discipline I have selected is very helpful and increases the chances of passing.

As an Aitchison Raffety graduate, I am given a lot of responsibility to carry out the day-to-day work as a Chartered Surveyor would, whilst also having a support system in place to ensure that I understand the work I am carrying out making it transferable to the APC assessment. Being a valued member of a surveying team alongside the training provided to become a Chartered Surveyor gives me confidence that once I become a Chartered Surveyor, there will be no teething problems with the increased level of responsibility.