5/5/21 – Planning consent given for exceptional property in Daventry

Aitchison Raffety, a national property consultancy, has secured planning permission for a house of exceptional architectural quality in Daventry, Northamptonshire. Granted under delegated powers, the property will be located within an open countryside setting designated as a Specialist Landscape Area.

To help provide the client with a degree of certainty before proceeding with a formal planning application, a pre-application enquiry was submitted to the planning authority to gauge feedback on a detailed design concept. The initial concept was informed by a baseline Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment with the assessment used to inform the design process. The property will be constructed using materials reflecting the local character of Daventry’s Ironstone Hills and mirroring the historic use of the site as a stone quarry.

Key elements of the property include:

  • High standards of sustainability and renewable technologies, reflecting the applicant’s ambition to build an environmentally friendly house.
  • An overall layout to ensure solar passive gains, maximum daylight to internal living areas, water feature leading from the property into the wider field which the client uses for hobby farming, providing a source of drinking for sheep.
  • Drainage pond to encourage breeding birds and newts but also to support a grey water recycling system.

Haywood Mcmullen architects managed the design following the positive pre application engagement with the planning authority.

Read the full case study here Daventry.

For further details, please contact Andrew Gray, Associate Director, on 01604 880163 or via email to andrew.gray@argroup.co.uk.