28/6/18 – New Permission in Principle route for Small Schemes

The Government has gone live on a new route for securing planning consent for small schemes. It is intended to be an alternative to an outline application, and should be an inexpensive and straight forward way of establishing that land is suitable for housing.

This new route has two stages. The first stage ‘Permission in Principle’ establishes whether a site is suitable for development, and the council must specify the number of dwellings that are permitted. The second stage ‘Technical Details Consent’ is when the detailed development proposals are assessed.

This new application route is only available for minor developments, defined as up to nine homes and under 1000 sq m of floor space on a site of less than one hectare.  It does not apply to site subject to an EIA or habitats legislation.

We consider that this new application route will be a useful way of establishing consent for the principle of small schemes, without the expense of an outline planning application, or the uncertainty of a pre application response from officers which is not binding and is subject to change.

For clarification, this new route for small schemes is completely separate to securing PIP through Part 2 of a Brownfield Land Register.

A briefing note providing further information on PIP and Technical Details Consent is available here.

Should you wish to find out further information in respect of these changes, please contact James Holmes, Director in our Town Planning Division on 01442 219718 or james.holmes@argroup.co.uk




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