15/7/19 – Building control firms and insurers spark concern for construction supply

Referring to recent articles, including that published by Inside Housing, there is growing concern over building control firms and insurers.

The article reports that Aedis Regulatory Services has not been able to obtain adequate insurance cover, meaning that it is unable act and has now filed for voluntary liquidation.

The move is part of an ongoing crisis for ‘approved inspectors’, which are private companies qualified to inspect construction work for compliance with building regulations and can only operate with professional indemnity insurance.  Approved inspectors are finding it more and more difficult to obtain the necessary insurance.

This means that those approved inspectors without insurance will not be able to act, significantly affecting the delivery of building works.

Speaking to other approved inspections, the consensus is that the number of approved inspectors unable to act is expected to increase, which is a growing concern for all.

It will also affect those who use local authority building control as they deal with the fallout.  Local authorities are obliged to take over these files and appropriate steps must be taken.  Unfortunately, this is all at an additional cost to the client and can mean projects are delayed.

If you are using an approved inspector, we recommend that you proactively engage with them.  In particular, to understand if they can see a project through to completion and if unable to do so, appropriate steps are put in place to ensure a smooth transfer to the local authority.

If you need any assistance in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact Tony Hodge, Director at Aitchison Raffety on 01442 220 808 or via email to tony.hodge@argroup.co.uk.